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Veterinary Services offered by True Care

Listed are some of the services available here at True Care VH. We also stand ready to refer you should your pet need orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, advance dentistry and eye care, dermatology, avian and reptile care, and even physical therapy and alternative medicine.

Preventative Care and Wellness

The central role of our practice – we focus on prevention rather than reaction. It is much safer and cheaper to prevent fleas, heart-worm disease and internal parasites than the conditions they can cause. To promote maximum preventative care, we offer wellness plans for all life stages which emphasize routine examinations and preventative measures – call for details.


Pets get sick with all types of maladies! While we are general practitioners, we are also responsible for everything from neurology to dermatology and more. Our training and experience allow us to address a wide range of medical concerns in pets and we are lucky to live in a region blessed with board certified specialists to assist in those tough cases.


Ultrasound is a powerful technology which helps us to diagnose and monitor everything from liver disease to cancer. It compliments other routine testing such as blood work and x-rays giving True Care even greater medicine power for your pets.

Digital X-ray

We have added digital x-ray capability to our diagnostic services. This allows us to take x-rays, retrieve images faster and share them with clients in the exam rooms. We can instantly transmit them with a history to a radiology service for a rapid board certified veterinary radiology opinion.

Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition is central to the health of our best friends. We will discuss dietary options and help cut through the hype and information overload out there regarding pet foods and feeding. Bring in your food labels and we can help you understand what is in them and what the labels really mean.

Behavioral Counseling

We can help determine learned behavior versus those behavioral conditions which have a medical basis – they are different and are often treated very differently.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We can perform everything from elective surgeries, such as spay and neuter, to abdominal exploratory and surgical biopsy. We have the ability to perform transfusion medicine if required and all surgical patients are thoroughly evaluated prior to their procedure. All anesthesia is customized based on the individual patient and patients have a variety of parameters closely monitored during their procedures.


The health of our pets teeth is essential both for their quality of life and for their long term health. We offer dental evaluation, dental x-rays, oral charting, prophylaxis and can perform oral surgery such as tooth extraction and gingival resection and oral biopsy. We offer a dental awareness plan which makes periodic scheduled dental procedures more affordable and allows us to help keep their mouths clean and healthy.

Micro Chipping

Essential for helping them get back home should they decide to take a leave of absence. Chipping can be done at anytime pets are older than about 12 weeks of age. Let’s make sure you get re-united should they scamper off!

Feral Cat Concern

The doctors at True Care are well aware of cat overpopulation and the public (and pet) health risks this issue poses. If you are caring for a feral cat or feral colony please call us regarding their concern.

After Hours Emergency

For emergencies after hours, please call Orchard Park Veterinary at (716) 662-6660 or Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic at (716) 839-4043.

Schedule an Appointment

From preventative care and counseling to surgery and emergency services, we offer complete veterinary care services for your pet that are flexible and convenient.

Schedule an Appointment

From preventative care and counseling to surgery and emergency services, we offer complete veterinary care services for your pet that are flexible and convenient.