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Learn more about the True Care Veterinary Hospital

Hello and welcome to our clinic! Drs. Hill and Ross took over the former Clarence Animal Hospital in October 2013, and are proud of the practice they have built.

We have a simple mission: “true care”

True Care means many things to many people – options are an important aspect of True Care as many pet owners often are not given any options. The heart of true care is an honest conversation about your pets health and well being, and this discussion often involves economics – true care involves everyone!

We do our best to provide the best possible care at reasonable prices – and we expect to be compensated for the services we provide at the time of care. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with our approach, or have a disagreement about the services we provide – please talk with us!

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. John Ross

From the moment I fed a tiny, starving stray kitten when I was 6 years old, I knew there was a calling to help animals in need. Over the years this has developed into an emphasis on the human-animal bond. The joy I see between owners and their best friends – and the sadness I have felt when they must say goodbye – I have experienced all of these emotions. As a pet lover, veterinary technician and veterinarian – I truly have enjoyed the experience of sharing my life with the wonderful characters we call our pets.

Dr. Laurie Hill

My love and caring for animals started as soon as I could walk. My entire life I have been surrounded by everything from birds and gerbils to dogs, cats and horses. I was a licensed veterinary technician for 9 years prior to achieving my veterinary medical degree. My professional goal is to educate our clients and help them achieve the best possible quality of life with their best friends.

“I am so pleased with the care my family of 6 kitties is receiving from Dr. John Ross and Dr. Laurie Hill. True Care is an apropos name for what I have received from them in service. They have a holistic approach to pet care which gives me peace of mind and I know my guys are receiving the very best care.”

Carlyne Volker

True Care Veterinary Hospital (TCVH) offers general wellness and surgical services including regular preventive care (wellness examinations, parasite control, nutritional counseling and immunizations) and general surgical/dental care. While we are a stand-alone clinic, we are part of a broader veterinary network in the region including numerous veterinary specialists who can assist us with more complicated medical and surgical cases – these would be the “second opinion” options. We also refer to Cornell University when appropriate. We do not perform any orthopedic procedures and declawing is now illegal in New York State (please see cat care guidelines).

The doctors at True Care worked very hard to attain their degrees and their knowledge. They have combined this with their experience in veterinary clinics of all sizes and specialization to focus their efforts on what is most important – preventive care!

The foundation of veterinary care is the veterinarian-client-animal bond. This bond is built on trust and a sharing of knowledge. Without it, there can be no relationship. It is also a legal construct, confining and directing veterinarians to practice within accepted standards of care and legal parameters set by the State Board of Education. We will not deviate from these standards for the sake of your pet’s health and well being. We are also committed to the protection of public health, a primary role of the veterinary profession

The doctors continue to staff True Care with individuals who wish to be there and to help the vets do their jobs

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From preventative care and counseling to surgery and emergency services, we offer complete veterinary care services for your pet that are flexible and convenient.

Schedule an Appointment

From preventative care and counseling to surgery and emergency services, we offer complete veterinary care services for your pet that are flexible and convenient.